Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Kayaking

Whether you are trying to decide if kayaking is right for you, or want to get someone else into it with you, there are many great reasons to get into kayaking. Because there are so many reasons, we are just focusing on the top ten best reasons why you should start kayaking as soon as possible.

Kayaking is a great sport that takes very little investment. In fact, you can start kayaking using rental kayaks to start if you prefer. Or if you want to own your own kayak there are models less than $100 dollars online. You’ll need to make sure you have all the proper safety equipment for the adventure however. One must-have safety gear that you’ll need is a PFD or life vest. Take a look at some of the best kayak fishing life vest that are available today at My Fishing Kayak.

  1. Affordable

While you can get very extravagant kayaks for over 1,000 dollars, there are great options for between 100 dollars and 400 dollars. Many of them come with a paddle as well so you won’t have to spend extra money on that. The cost of the kayak is much less than a motorized boat and will last you years if properly maintained and stored.

  1. Great For Shorter Trips

Especially with inflatable kayaks, the time it takes to get the kayak, get onto the water, and start your trip is significantly less than those who need to use a cart  to transport or have to check the motor before every trip. The set up and breakdown time is less than an hour so you can easily go for a quick paddle without having to ask for help or risk spending too much time getting ready and miss the time on the water.

  1. Accessible To Many Places Power Boats Can’t Go

Motor boats and power boats can have much greater restrictions for where they can and can’t go. Thick covers and shallow waters can be a huge obstacle for power boats while kayaks can easily get through almost every obstacle that is thrown at them. Debris is easy to get through and there is no need to worry about steering through smaller areas because a kayak uses the whole body to get better control and allow you to go anywhere you please.

  1. Great Way To Get Exercise

Kayaking is a great full body workout that combines exercise and fun. Your arms, shoulders, and upper body get a workout from the paddling. Your legs and core get a workout from balancing in the kayak and steering. Your heart rate increases as you go and you can work up a sweat but being on the water also provides enough fun and thrill to make you forget just how much of a workout you are actually getting. And of course you get the bonus of being able to take a break to take pictures, go fishing or just sight see.

  1. Spend Time With Nature

Kayaking allows you to not only get closer to nature, but spend hours looking at wildlife without having to worry about disturbing the animals. You can move as slowly or as quickly through the water as you want and take the time to explore different routes as you go. You can really feel at one with nature and get a sense of just how wonderful everything around you is.

  1. Little To No Maintenance

When you properly store your kayak the maintenance is little to none. A simple rinse down from a hose and then letting it dry before putting it away is really all it needs. There is no need to get a check or oil change like motorized boats do, and there is no need to have to pay someone to do it for you.

  1. Join An Ever Growing Community

If you want to join a sport that lets you spend time with other people with similar interests, the kayak community is the one for you. They are always open to new kayakers and love to have people out on the water with them as they venture through the water. Whether it is whitewater, a casual paddle on the lake or a fishing trip, there is a group for everyone and they would love to have you.

  1. Works In A Variety Of Bodies Of Water

There are few limits to where your can and can’t go in a kayak. Shallow river water or deep oceans, the kayak works for everything. While you may need to get a sturdier kayak for whitewater kayaking, the kayak is versatile enough to go from one body of water to another with little difficulty.

  1. Stay Simple

No motors, no fuel and only your body and a paddle to power the boat through the water, the kayak really brings you back to basics. It is economical because you aren’t spending money on fuel and environmentally friendly because you are using your own power to get through the water rather than introducing chemicals to your favorite spot.

  1. Pride

It is difficult not to feel proud of yourself when you paddle all the way to your favorite spot and back. Your body feels healthier, your mind is more clear, and you can feel accomplished in what you have done without the aid of a motor.

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