Baits for Better Fall Bass Fishing

Once the month of October rolls around, particularly in northern lakes, bass start to vacate the shallow water, and migrate to deeper depths in order to set up shop. The off-shore structure may take the shape of rocky shoals, still-healthy weed beds, as well as deep timber, or humps and points. The initial drop-off inside the main lake always is a great starting point.

Baits for Better Fall Bass Fishing

However, what lures you pick to throw at them will be critical to getting bites. Here are my top 4 fall fishing suggestions.

Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig Bait

Flipping Jig

Comprising of a soft-plastic trailer, rubber skirt, and weighted head, a flipping jig professionally mimics a minnow or crawfish skipping alongside the bottom. Bass slurp those things up.

Pitch them to deep weed clumps, on top of and across points and humps, as well as all deep cribs or docks you may come across. Upsize its head weight to get them down deep and couple them with a stout flipping stick and heavy braid.


Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits are the perfect fall bass search baits. They mimic the look of shads as they zip through the water column and provoke hard-hitting strikes from starving fish.

Lipless crankbaits will permit you to cover this cool water effectively and locate the schooling bass which are a common occurrence as fall arrives. Work the baits over deep-water weed clumps, along drop-offs, as well as over rock shoals and points.

A straight, standard retrieve that has an occasional jerk tends to work better for fall bass. Usually sinking 1’ per second, allow the baits to flutter down to target the starving fall bass.


Strike King Pro-Model 5XD Series Crankbait

Deep Diving Crankbait

Want to fool a fall bass? Give them something real-looking to bite down on. The fish will not be foraging inside the shallows now; therefore, targeting the deeper water haunts using a crankbait which is able to get down in depth is going to be beneficial.

It’s my favorite bait to throw over top of offshore humps, as well as across deep points. Deep-diving crankbaits also work wonders at the creek channels’ mouth in which baitfish often will stage.

On the Quebec and Ontario waters, the Berkley Dredger 25.5 is a real hit. They’ll get down deep rapidly and cause the fall bass to bite like crazy.


Zoom Finesse Worm Bag

Plastic Worms

Plastic worms catch bass all year long, yet they shine as the water temperature dips. Not just any old worm will work. You must throw a large one.

Fall bass are feeding; therefore, it’ll make sense to provide them something to fill up their bellies. This fall turn to 10” and 12” soft plastic worms. Rig them Texas-style using a weight that matches the conditions and water depth you face.

One other proven tactic, particularly as you work points or humps, includes rigging these massive worms Carolina-style.

Make certain that you add your favorite odor to the bait and slowly work the plastic, soft worms. Inch them alongside the bottom then wait for the rod to bend.

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